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Yard work and yellow wort.

Creeping buttercup is an invasive species,
not so much as we are,
but in the universe where a yard, a lawn,
must be grass blades only,
and also when it chokes
your flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

It is unfazed by mower blades.

Golden ragwort may be
discouraged by a mower,
for several days,IMG_20160417_164446645

and prefers  to make its stand
just out of reach.

Finally, the queen of lawn ornamentals
can only be controlled by broadleaf defoliants.
When we have absorbed enough toxicity from herbicides
to end our term here,
the ultimate yellow yard wort
— dandelion —
will roar back, thriving on our ashes.

In evidence, its survival guarantee.IMG_20150425_190502726

At the edges, over the lawn line
the compositions of bloom and native grasses

are free to make and keep what friends they can.
We leave them be
beyond the perimeter of encroachment.

Our rapprochement.

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Persistant summer greens.

Looks like a lawn, an expanse of close-cut green,

if you don’t look down to the details.
Oh, there is a little grass blended in.

Lemon balm, fresh as morning, all year long.

The fern fronds are evergreen,

ordered and skilled in their geometry

beyond anything we have ever done in ours.

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