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The Monarch and the Black Snake.

We had a visitor, for the first time in many years,

we stalked her for an hour, just the one.

A decade ago, we’d have hundreds flock through.

If the snake can’t see you, you can’t see the snake,
brunching on burrowing mammals.

Over the south ridge, also mostly hidden,

up at ravens’ croft, a pillowy agent of change
assesses the coming of the colors
in the cerulean October sky.

The Monarch even made a movie, too big to post here.

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Season of the new cat.

Fall’s upon us,
laid that maple low.


As the sugars rise and flow
and assign each leaf its brilliance,
it’s time for the changes.


After two full years without a cat,
we broke our fast with Lilly, five years old,
rescued from a cross-country move.

Oh, she holds down a lap, chases a laser, meows a little,
but showed no interesting quirks of character.

Until the other night.


We’re rethinking.


Max, four German Shepherds back, used to bite water.
Had a few kittens who flirted with the shower drain.

Never had a cat who sits in running water.

Be ready to take it and run when you tell  the universe:

surprise me!


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