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The Monarch and the Black Snake.

We had a visitor, for the first time in many years,

we stalked her for an hour, just the one.

A decade ago, we’d have hundreds flock through.

If the snake can’t see you, you can’t see the snake,
brunching on burrowing mammals.

Over the south ridge, also mostly hidden,

up at ravens’ croft, a pillowy agent of change
assesses the coming of the colors
in the cerulean October sky.

The Monarch even made a movie, too big to post here.

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Working blooms.

The bees are in it for the hive,

they load their knees and carry the pollen home.

Butterflies are voracious

but work alone.

They light upon their dinner

and feast

with no interest or concern

for the ghostly gardener

who set their table months before.

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Loitering with intent.

      Really? Just one day? Does it concentrate wonderfully the mind of the swallowtail? One day in the air, in the sun, then eggs under a leaf, your death, then a cocoon and a pupa and a larva, an interval of destructive dining. Eventually, there’s another day, but not yours. You gotta really be hoping it doesn’t rain. On your day.


Flower Power

 A day in the life. The life in a day.

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