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Human intrusions rise and settle in.

The new leaves and the understory have not yet
closed the view  of the old shacks down the hill.

The herbs and flowers wake up
to a new arbor and a gate,

so new nothing’s climbed it yet.

The pattern can be seen from space,
or at least from Google maps,

cut through the hay; the loop around the shed,
the three branches — to the road, to the compost, to the barn.

Walk softly on the poaceae-glyph,
(poaceae, the family of grasses),

but bring your long shadow.

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Here and there, the business of spring getting done.

New arbor for the remote rose,

replacing the rotting and crumbled wooden slats
with a mosaic firefly top.


The glassy glint from the gravel under foot,
was a thumb-sized hunk of mica
that sheared into a hundred pieces at a touch.


The older bloom of the kitchen amaryllis.

The new bloom.

Little violets in the grass, in patches here and there.

The queen of weeds, ruling a million sister blooms.

Plum gnarly.

Several human spirits are trapped under the bark,
rather lumpy spirits.

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