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There’s the strangest mix of ineffable delicacy with ferocity.

Fey things light sometimes and sometimes strike.

From the back, most delicate brushstrokes.

From the front, the apparatus of a working insect.

They’re not fooling around, they get it done.

Solitary, except by random if frequent juxtaposition;
or perhaps directed by a drunken choreographer.

Ontogeny incorporates phylogeny if you look underneath.

Flightpath direct and unafraid,
like a predator, not evading,
just up there, like a wasp, like a hawk.


Possible alien spacecraft.

Hayrolls from the first cut.

Backing up a bit.

Our western ridge and the next ridge.

Hazy, a little lazy.

Veteran fence posts ever ready for a new deployment.

Uphill past the garden into the orchard.

Annoying brush pile — it’s for the birds.

Wall garden with stone snake-sunning bench.

Energy and entropy wrestled to a tie.

Afternoon Colors.

One turn around the house, a chromatic floracopeia.

While here and there at the edges

begins the rehearsal for what’s next.


Down, left side.

Down on the right.

Fork ahead.

Path descending.

Road descending.

Bottom of path.

On towards five forks.

Strolling down after parking the mower.

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