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Uninvited share.

I watch him climb the porch-roof post,
looping himself around the beam,
then stretch to slide his furry carcass down
and spread his belly across the feeder lid,
comfortably placed to push feed from
the self-refilling bird shelves —
but those pictures are too dark to read.

All done, the feeder emptied,
he climbs back up,
wraps up around the beam,
walks across, then slides down the post
to the hand rail,

where at least some of the scooped-out
birdfeed piled up on a dry flat dining surface.

He settles in to enjoy the fruits
of a well-thought out
and well-executed plan,
until the backdoor latch,
which sounds a little like a rifle bolt
prompts him to bolt.

By morning, though, the rail was licked clean.
I assume despite his fright
he returned and finished dinner.

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For sale, but for you, free.

Every item in our Electric Coop Newsletter
For Sale listing is a story waiting to be told.

Altogether, they’re the outline of a novel.

Hay, mixed grass
55gal aquarium w/lights
Italian wedding jug, bride & groom
Silver soprano flute
2013 Victory Boardwalk
Thule car tow dolly
2 lots Pisgah View Memorial
John Deere D140 mower
VW parts, 70’s & earlier
600 LB donkey
Hand-crafted 2-horse sled
Jazzy Wheelchair
Waterford crystal
Black walnuts, cracked
Oliver horse-drawn wooden beam flat land plow
Line 6 guitar amp
Dirt bikes that need work, trade for firewood


Help yourself.

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