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Far left.

Half the year

green tunnels

enclose the roads

and paths,

surround the fields,

plump the ridgelines,

make forest something

you must enter into,

that you cannot see through;

the fall of almost all

the green

brings back the long lines

and contours of the ground;

and contrary for a month or two
displays all the colors we can see
that are not green.

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Middle left.

Even as the great undressing

has been underway a while

and only bare wood limbs stand

most ways you turn you eyes,

stubborn lingering displays

of bright

and joyful color


the trend

to ground,

for a few days more.

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Left in the woods.

It’s all over now,

rain storms

and windstorms

have stripped the branches

of all these hangers-on

from a fortnight ago

but we were given

a long slow fall

until gravity and the trees’ release
brought all to ground.

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Makes your eyes ache, almost,

nowhere to settle

in the profusion of colors

and textures

extending in all directions.

Your focus narrows to a single specimen

then pulls wide

across a carpeted path

or field

where boggling myriads

of discrete gifts,

display the beauty of a billion little deaths
which enable suspended life for winter survival
whose eventual decay will feed the summer forest.

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Gold bug.

I’m working my passage on a fancy cruise ship
— well, my story is set on such a vessel —
I’m closing on Barbados,
when something flutters, then stops,
out of sight, behind my screen.
I stand and look over.

As liberal shepherds know dead men’s fingers by a grosser name
so do these creatures have a vulgar vulgar name,

but she visits me tonight in a dazzling carapace
specked with gems.

The enemy of my tomato is also my enemy, I know this,
but her brief passage falls outside the usual times and terms.

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