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Worktable dressing.

Sometimes they help with the stories; really, they do.

Even as they’re pure distraction, to rest and pleasure the eyes

for as long as their season lasts,

as long as they are rich and luscious,

and emit from within a plush and regal depth,

every petal sumptuous, every stamen and pistil

glamorous in the infolding fibonacci wound so tight

three dimensions cannot contain their splendor.


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October rose.

Some of the bushes have

shut for the season.

But some are not yet ready.

There will be frosts,

pretty soon, probably.

But what are else you going to do

while you wait,
supposing you’re a rose?

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The home tub of this philodendron
is on the other side of the door

across a small landing,
up a flight of 8 steps,

across another larger landing,
and up a flight of twelve steps.

About 28 feet, as the vine crawls.
The self-locking latch was open.

From a FB friend’s postings (Bryan S. Reid).

The end times probably:
we all got to get out of this place.

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