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2 July 17 ~ mystery mystery

Archive for July 2nd, 2017

Unstoppable summertide.

Every day, not just new blooms appear,

but entirely new types of blooms:

some delicate,

some little,

some huge,

some that present

in several varieties,

 some stunning and strange,

some almost violent,

some quiet in the grass,

some pinned against the screen,

a polyphemus night caller.

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His look a lite a-side, in swich manere,
Ascaunces, `What! May I not stonden here?’

I eat every day,

you know that, right?

Just like you

and all your big-finger buddies inside.

Such delectable fare it is
despite the troubling presentation,
cutsey little houses, really?

my apologies for robbing Geoffrey Chaucer

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