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Some assembly required.

The truck is coming in the morning,
we’ll put it all together tomorrow.
Tech Tuesday, dress Wednesday, school show Thursday morning,
Friday evening, Saturday both matinee and evening, Sunday matinee
2:30 and 7:30 at the Diana Wortham Theatre.

New idea for this year, first step,
12 foot tall chocolate sundaes.


Not shown: 70 dancers
from 4 years old to 70-some
performing around 180 parts


180 costumes, averaging 7 pieces each
1300 items, more or less,
plus a few hundred props.


In the corner, left alone,
the tutus pause for calming breaths.

Yeah, it’s Nutcracker 2016
from the Asheville Ballet
December 9th, 10th, 11th.

We’re not going to miss it,
you shouldn’t either.

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Out of house, out of mind.

When I see an outhouse lean
across the line of straight white trees
I like to think some birches pull it,
birches too far from town to know
of septic tanks or perforated pipes
whose only game is what they make and play alone.

Shot straight up,
the november sky,
clean as a pantone chip.

Sky bisected by a phone line
under a power line
beside the tree line.


Winter is coming
but not today.


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