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Four pictures of the same


heap of discarded flowerheads.


You have to pull the finished flowers


so the next generation of buds


will have nutrients and space enough to bloom.

The jumble of fading stems and petals
like a heap of exhausted partygoers
collapsed after the champaign’s gone
caught by the rising sun.

They’d make a lovely jigsaw puzzle.


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Final fruits.

Fewer peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes each time you check,

the last big mess of beans,

the last full tray of romas,


one perfect unexploded chestnut,

and, after a little rain,

the blooms from below

visit us briefly

in the air up here.

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Working blooms.

The bees are in it for the hive,

they load their knees and carry the pollen home.

Butterflies are voracious

but work alone.

They light upon their dinner

and feast

with no interest or concern

for the ghostly gardener

who set their table months before.

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