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Snow dusted cusp.

Stepping forward and back over the equinox.

Full bloom yesterday.

Half way to full.

Bulbs are up & out.

And perennials are being what they are.

The herb sagacious.

While randomly walking by,
our cracked corn tom, proves as camera shy as huge.

Brought inside to save them from the frost.

We had to kill them to save them,
though it did not hurt us more.

This way we may enjoy their last days close up.

Four inches of snow fell here today:
the first two vanished as they landed,
the third sank slowly into the ground,
but the fourth covered everything
as the temperature fell under freezing.

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Moss invasive.

You expect moss in the woods, on rocks,

here and there.

And along the branch

where conditions are right.

Or by the house on the stack

of old chimley stones.

But it’s spreading under the Chinese Chestnut trees

and in wide swathes,

hundreds, thousands, of square feet.

Grass will argue in some places,
but the grass has surrendered in most places.

Not exactly new this year, but accelerated,
from decades of not spreading lime,
or from some fresh factor,
from changes in the climate?

It’s soft and pretty and can’t be mowed,
ideal for a graveyard.

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The planted bulbs are up,
each clump in turn as ordered by the hours of sunlight.
You can almost see the bee.

The buds at the branch tips

are set to explode,

some into flowers first,

some first into leaves.

Once a peach, this stump’s done,
the trunk become new wood for carving or for fire.

Blessed by a working bee.

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