Archive for October 26th, 2015

The changes of the season.

In the woods
IMG_20151018_150153374the light of fall penetrates
IMG_20151018_150202909as the leaf canopy opens
IMG_20151018_150212623to the sun.
IMG_20151018_150233116In the old orchard, the sharing of the pears,
gravity being generous to the deer.
IMG_20151018_152104755Inside on the kitchen table
IMG_20151018_180301853_HDRthe last roses clipped before the first frost.

Turn, hang on, and finally fall.

They’ve all turned,
IMG_20151025_155359115_HDR half down, half still hanging on.
IMG_20151025_155348063_HDR We’ve peaked,
IMG_20151024_141410362and it’s been gorgeous,
IMG_20151025_155342490intense and varied.
IMG_20151025_155324311_HDRWhatever unknown mix it takes of sun and rain and chill,
IMG_20151024_141449608_TOPthis year has come round right.

Walnut row.

It continues to be a splendid season for leaves.
IMG_20151025_155316554_HDRExcept, the walnuts have mostly dropped theirs.
IMG_20151024_141417301But all along the row,
IMG_20151024_141531246half still attached to the branches and
IMG_20151024_141523256half on the ground.

The green husks fire off the mower blades
like little mortar shells.

Blow up.

While appreciating the sweep of fall below the hay field
and up the south-facing ridge,

there’s a funny blob on the grass, way over on the right.

Oh, yes, it is: the ever elusive ground hog,
seeking presumably additional ground to hog.

Perched in plain sight
if your eyes are sharper than mine.