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Trees and textures in the dusky dark.

Coils of birch bark.
IMG_20150531_202527821_TOPFrond friends.
IMG_20150531_202046720Down the Coop’s right-of-way.
IMG_20150531_201813092_HDRBlueberry abundance this year,
if the hail don’t fall and the jays allow.
IMG_20150531_201531949New butterfly bush,IMG_20150531_201516616replanted where the old one stood.
IMG_20150531_201347175Just doing strangely what they do.

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Fancy dress turning tattered.

The splendor softens, droops,
IMG_20150531_202629541petals drop and begin to recompose.
IMG_20150531_202000233The flowers relax, still gorgeous,
IMG_20150531_202213678but become a little tawdry,
IMG_20150531_202305811While others tense, waiting to explode,
IMG_20150531_202320660become white flowers, like the leaves,
the size of dinner plates.