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One eye up and one eye down.

He’s got to make sure the butterfly beneath him
IMG_20150509_184116439doesn’t fly off on his watch.
IMG_20150509_184100137But straight across the road, the other eye
IMG_20150509_184221753oversees the new new-hatched sparrows
tucked into the bank below the garden.

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Hurry spring, comes the hot breath of summer.

One day, as the stink bug watches,
IMG_20150510_192310312is enough to blow up a bud.IMG_20150510_192246917Everything in such a hurry
IMG_20150509_183950869to get it done,
whether in the pots
IMG_20150509_183453755or among the herbs.
IMG_20150510_192730257But meanwhile in the lawn
the marauder buttercups are special forces,
IMG_20150510_192530372unchallenged they’ll hand off to
saw-briar and blackberry and locust.
IMG_20150510_192500901The mower is ordered
which is a little sad  for what it will take down
but a lot necessary for what it will allow to come up.
IMG_20150509_183412689_HDRThe little entities we favor
cannot stand against the native ferocity
always alert and ready to resume dominion.IMG_20150509_184236184

They will have it back, and soon enough,
but we shall extend our moment here a little longer.
With all due respect.

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