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Tread softly.

You might crush a dandylion


or daisies neither white nor red;


flower heads that float above the weeds,


or mayapples


swarming everywhere,


or just some ordinary






lichens working at the crack,


a violet,


something butter gold,


or during their brief ascendency


more mayapples on the march.

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Turning a new leaf.

You’d think a thousand shades of green


would  be enough for all new leaves.


But some species will not begin that way


and some will never turn.

It’s a lifestyle choice,


from once upon a time.


Yet for leaves the brontosaurus gazed and grazed on,
gentle giant just last week recovered from oblivion,


green is good enough.

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Mission Campus.

From the tenth and tallest floor of the St. Joseph tower,
through a narrow glass hard-glazed in cement,

looking west to the mountains across the northern edge


of the main Mission Campus


and down into the lots for the tonka cars and trucks,


the spring clouds sweep the distant peaks.

The days are long, the nights are longer;
food is the only fun, except not much.
Discharge, like the rapture, frees.

Incidental images: all fall down.

Under the wire of a fallen fence


rests a hunk of smoky quartz,
probably with emeralds or rubies in the matrix.


The main road up the mountain was blocked for months
when several trees pulled each other down
and the smashed tops smash-wove an impenetrable snarl.
It took a neighbor’s trackhoe’s loader to pull the knot apart
after all the trunks were cut.


But falling doesn’t mean wood’s work or use is done;
it becomes host to a host.

Shallow roots too near the branch shall be undercut
and rise to become fresh habitat:
law of the forest.


Still genuine American chestnut.
We got many boards from the fallen trees;
but forty years on, only crumbly chunks remain.


A couple days of rain, and the Little Sandy Mush Bald Branch
sends its forest-filtered fresh waters streaming down through Hot Springs


More and more it looks as if the ground
chews the old convenience from underneath.


Though grave diggers toil is long,
sharp their spades, their muscles strong,

they but thrust their buried men
back into the human mind again.
(says uncle William)

The window narrows.


Two days to go: Sunday & Monday.
It is better to have and to have read then never to have done so.
Certainly you could argue with this, but would you respect yourself afterwards?

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The Asheville Story.

Heart Attack

The Williamsburg Story.

review snippets (good ones only)

    Fit to Curve is a skillfully written mystery with complex characters and such a fascinating plot that I’m way behind on my chores.

    This series is a favorite with interesting plots and wonderfully drawn characters. Wish the author would write more of them. The type of book you don’t want to end.

    A bed and breakfast mystery. Super characters, well developed. You’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. A mouth-watering, good read. Love the old lady with the sharp wit. I’d like the recipes, too.

    The plot builds very slowly. But once I got into it, I was hooked. I liked the characters, and you get a lot of insight into them.

    This is too fine a novel to be mired in the mystery/suspense ghetto. It’s a good mystery, with a complex plot, all the mystery trappings, but the characters are rounded and attractive. The theme seems to me to be a consideration of morality – not just sexual morality (or immorality), though there’s some of that too, for those who like to read such descriptions, but all kinds of morality: for how high a price might you sell your soul?

    Heart Attack is a great read!

    This couple are a great addition to the mystery genre. Sharp and interesting with a bit of humor and spice.

    Snappy dialog. Geoff and Ellen are a great team. He has a definite intuitive method of assessing info and arriving at conclusions that baffle and irk his cohorts. Ellen is more conventional and together are a great team. Unusual mystery not easily solved.



The Charleston Story.

Little Fishes

The Atlanta Story.