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With many a flirt and flutter.

Ten minutes last night of frantic flapping on the screen. Then he settles on the siding, unperturbed by flashlight.


She comes inside for winter, but iridesces all the summer long, oiled steel electrified with color.


Through her antennae she reaches, three boards higher than last night,
where the Luna moth has parked, on the morning of the next day.


Ah! She has him!


Romance that never  may be. Forever shall she yearn and he be free.


The lovely lunatic is perched, for one long moment.



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Sun’s in the notch.

When everything is just right, even the stone hinges have to open.

Porch alignment, south.

Looking south.

Above the back door, the carving says 1976, Dan did it, one of the years we built this house.

Porch in alignment, north.

Looking north.

But, 38 years on, I never knew it could do this, this specific shadow trap thing.

Where have I been?

So glad that I’m here now.

Shadows at play.

Blair reflects.

Come and sit a spell.

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