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A bee’s got to do: playing with flowers.

Before color photography, this is how flowers looked.


Before colors.

I’m glad to live in the days of  color.

After colors.

Great gladness.

Even with tans and grays we can distinguish a thousands shade, so many more than fifty.
Millions is still better fun, eyeball ice cream.

Coral riff.

Nearer my glad.

Reds and yellows.

Soft focus.

Golden rose.

Love these fellows.


True colors.

What is the opposite of butter?



And gray is the new green?



I think some camera control options are meant to be left alone.

Not really.

Pink, after.

No. That’s scary. My tool box is red and it’s bright sun outside.

Use what you have.

A writer`s toolbox.

Ah, outside. Much better. Sunshine and flowers.

Blooming up.


And clutching and clambering about the blossoms, the big speckled butterfly does his business.

On the liatris.

Swallowtail at work.

From the top, with a blue streak up the middle.
It’s pollination all day long, from the flower’s point of view.

Hanging out.

Swallowtail, the dark side.

The bees are also leaving footprints everywhere.
But they’re not feeding, they’re collecting.

Bee load glade.

Bees knees.

And this lady better head home while she can still fly.
Pollen sacs are filling fast.

It is time.

Saddle bags.

Not a camera trick: the green leaf is red when the sun shoots through.
Opaque green/gray when top lit.

Sun trick.

Red through.

How we rock, when there have been too many colors to contemplate.

Mirror me.

Rocking corner.

Or back indoors, on the other side of the one-way mirror.
The witness has self-interrogated, -charged, -convicted.

Sentence pending.

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Accidental encounters of a desultory afternoon.

Inside the grand circle of mountain ridges, inside the circle of trees that ring the grass, an abundance of pretty little things.

Beneath the ironwood tree, a fungal family up-reach through the ivy.

Shroom bloom.

Marching order.

But at each center of the tanish, beigeish disks, a spot of blue.

Shroom bloom single.

Blue, why blue?

Our snake this week was a third the length, a quarter the girth, a fiftieth the mass of last week’s blacksnake.
A little garter garden guarder.

Looking left.

Two foot of pure, well, snake.

Looking both ways, tongue forked and flicking, smelling me.


Forked tongue tiny.

Between the snake and the tomatoes a pile of brush.
What’s not to lich?

Brush pile art.

Digesting slowly.

Glad to be coral, in full rut; as shameless, if a bit more delicate, than a baboon’s butt.

Coral crescendo.

Gladolia, hereabouts.

Garden guarders, like the garter, may be verygolds.

Not Solomon.

Don’t stare directly at the fractals.

So nearly stepped on, just inside the kitchen door, a chevron,
an inch and a quarter, weirdly well drafted.

Thy name is symmetry.

Joan of Arc’s shield?

Not impressive as a flyer, kind of a stumble flutter.

Forever flower of France.

Fearless symmetry.

But eclipses my poor powers.

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Fractious and frightening, especially among mountains.

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Hitchhiker’s Guide — walkabout with snail and flowers and blacksnake.

A tortoise can stretch it out, when life depends; but a snail not so much.
Maybe the head of the mushroom grows faster than the snail can run, but how shall she dismount?

Hitch hike.

Ticket to ride.

Six feet of blacksnake in the grass points to the tree with six bird feeders.
Can he unhinge his jaw enough to swallow a gold finch or a nuthatch?
We used to see whole eggs along the gullet every time we’d relocate the guy half a mile away
who’d returned to rob our chicken coop again.
It took a week to digest his dinner and crawl back.
He discouraged the broody hens better than we could.

Six feet long.

Pointing at …

 Maybe it isn’t birds. The feeders are a creature magnet, even for rabbits and deer.
It could be squirrels, gray or red or the white-belly fliers (when you fly at night, wear white).
Or ground squirrels or kangaroo mice or Noreegan wharf rats (so far from a wharf, so far from Norway).

Not only birds.

All my length.

A couple dozen tree species crowd this brief segment of the ring around the lawn.
The largest temperate rain forest is in Alaska.
I think we’re next: not many steps to fill the leaf book of a fourth-grade science class.


Leaf scape.

A table rose, for company, two feet away this instant.
White, the outside of the petals, inside hot fuchsia, as my love is.

Watching me.

Red, red rose.

The black flower is in the house.

On the table.

Black velvet.

The red outside.
The thick sticky golden pollen is the same.

In the yard.

Velvet red.

And a little ways into the woods, the Dr. Seuss flowers stretch thin and wide, enticing.

Seuss flowerl.

Wood note wild.

Such abundance here, where peace and beauty overflow.
But threats surround us that are imminent—to our earth and food and water and air.

Amid the rumble of half a hundred human wars and war’s alarms,
I know I can’t be young again, but still shall hold her in my arms.

Salaam. Shalom.

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Status update.

The Ellen and Geoffrey Fletcher Mysteries

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Blair reflects.

Shadows at play.

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With many a flirt and flutter.

Ten minutes last night of frantic flapping on the screen. Then he settles on the siding, unperturbed by flashlight.


She comes inside for winter, but iridesces all the summer long, oiled steel electrified with color.


Through her antennae she reaches, three boards higher than last night,
where the Luna moth has parked, on the morning of the next day.


Ah! She has him!


Romance that never  may be. Forever shall she yearn and he be free.


The lovely lunatic is perched, for one long moment.



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Sun’s in the notch.

When everything is just right, even the stone hinges have to open.

Porch alignment, south.

Looking south.

Above the back door, the carving says 1976, Dan did it, one of the years we built this house.

Porch in alignment, north.

Looking north.

But, 38 years on, I never knew it could do this, this specific shadow trap thing.

Where have I been?

So glad that I’m here now.

Shadows at play.

Blair reflects.

Come and sit a spell.

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