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First chapter sample of Fit to Curve.


old cover for FTC

       Ellen is on assignment to Asheville, North Carolina, to do a followup on a story she wrote a year before. Geoff is reluctant to come until he learns his college girlfriend and new husband will be staying at the same bed-and-breakfast.

       Their trip turns deadly, but the police see only accidents. They’re on their own if they want to solve the killings before there are more vicitms, before they become victims themselves. Fortunately their fellow guests pitch in.

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Ghost Walk sample chapter.

GhostWalk       Geoff visits an old friend’s low-country plantation to attend the wedding of the daughter of the house. Carrie’s twenty-two now, she had been just six when Geoff abducted her from an abusive father. But in Charleston the secrets have secrets and there is more going on than just the wedding preparations. When Charleston’s Ichabod killler strikes after a two year lapse just before the bridal shower, and again just after, somebody had better begin thinking quickly. Maybe Ellen can help.

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Heart Attack sample chapter.

Ellen’s assignment to write an article about what goes on behind the scenes in Colonial Williamsburg begins to get strange. A cluster of destructive pranks seem to be leading to more serious crimes, but the police don’t believe there’s anything to investigate. Murder changes their minds, but they can’t untangle the pattern. Geoff rides his bicycle from Roanoke to Williamsburg to see if he can help.

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