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And, it’s a wrap. But wait, there’s more…

Ho. No.


Santa’s folded in half, tucked in a box,
and gets the next eleven months off.

 The nonseasonal human staff,
we’ll be working every day,
till he pops out again.
But since it is a new quarter,
the quadannual offer engages
at the start of this fresh year.


from the Ellen and Geoffrey Fletcher Mystery series
five January days in 2017, the 5th to the 9th, Thursday through Monday
free from (the cover pictures below are direct links)
available only in Kindle format
If you haven’t got Kindle capability, you are on the list.
Amazon will drop a drone from their nearest warehouse blimp,
find your home, and upgrade your toaster with a Kindle-reader app;
also your computers, tablets, mobile phones (free of charge).
An actual Kindle device will cost you:
have your credit card ready,
the drones do not make change.
Thenceforward, you shall have access to hundreds of thousands of titles,
classic and modern, as well as to my two. for five days free.
Kindle encourages authors to trade income for exposure.
It’s a simultaneous worldwide deal in all Amazon stores  —
US, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy,
Netherlands, India, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil.
People everywhere like free stuff.
Give either or both of these titles a try; and let me know what you think.
Comment here, or email me at


The Asheville Story

Heart Attack

The Williamsburg Story

A few clips from readers,
carefully culled from
favorable reviews on Amazon.

    Fit to Curve is a skillfully written mystery with complex characters and such a fascinating plot that I’m way behind on my chores.

    This series is a favorite with interesting plots and wonderfully drawn characters. Wish the author would write more of them. The type of book you don’t want to end.

    A bed and breakfast mystery. Super characters, well developed. You’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. A mouth-watering, good read. Love the old lady with the sharp wit. I’d like the recipes, too.

    The plot builds very slowly. But once I got into it, I was hooked. I liked the characters, and you get a lot of insight into them.

    This is too fine a novel to be mired in the mystery/suspense ghetto. It’s a good mystery, with a complex plot, all the mystery trappings, but the characters are rounded and attractive. The theme seems to me to be a consideration of morality – not just sexual morality (or immorality), though there’s some of that too, for those who like to read such descriptions, but all kinds of morality: for how high a price might you sell your soul?

    Heart Attack is a great read!

    This couple are a great addition to the mystery genre. Sharp and interesting with a bit of humor and spice.

    Snappy dialog. Geoff and Ellen are a great team. He has a definite intuitive method of assessing info and arriving at conclusions that baffle and irk his cohorts. Ellen is more conventional and together are a great team. Unusual mystery not easily solved.



The Charleston Story: seeking agent.
The Atlanta Story, final edit.

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Sidewalk sales.

The day of the recent rally
a couple guys in a big ol’ red pickup
set up their sales station.


Hundreds of Made-in-China “Make America” hats
in red and white and blue
plus a dozen cases of t-shirts and banners rolled up.


When they first arrived the wind was perfect,
all four banners pulled out straight south down Haywood Street:

Don’t Tread on Me
Old Glory
and the Battle Banner of the Late Failed Secession.


Then the wind shifted ever which way
and they all went a little twitchy.

American democracy
in all its grandeur
history itself
at the curb.

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Two days left to meet Geoffrey and Ellen Fletcher for free.

For a limited time only —
starting this week,

July 5-9, 2014 — Thursday through Monday.

Kindle e-book format only.
If you do not have a Kindle, one will be appointed for you,
and installed on your computer or cell phone or toaster oven.

Buy one book at no charge and get the second book free!

Or pick just one — still free!

Fit to Curve

Book 1 Cover

Heart Attack

Book 2 Cover


Of course, this is not the first time this offer has been tendered, nor the last time. But it is this time, and that won’t come again.

The idea is to open a wider readership by pandering to the universal delight in getting something for free.

You find new readers for your work, who tell their friends, who put up five-star reviews, which reviews entice a fresh cohort of readers, who tell their friends, until the virus takes hold, fame fights fortune for the upper hand, and you come to rule the internets.

It’s fool-proof and fun.

As Amazon has opened in ever more markets, an author gets to watch the results come in from around the planet. I’ve never yet sold a book in Italy or Mexico (mx is a brand new site, it is just refractory, probably a side-effect of the Mediterranean diet). Britain and France and Germany always come through. Japan and India inevitably bring several (probably utterly bewildered) new readers. Brazil and Australia will put toes in the water, two or three or four. Canada, after the United States, is the most solid. During some months of regular sales, Canada beats the US.

You can get my books anytime, of course, but you’ll have to pay when there’s not a free promotion going on.

There really is a whole suite of Kindle Aps you can download for free for PC, Mac, iphone, Android, tablets and pads,
if you haven’t got one of the ever-growing family of dedicated Kindle Readers.

Try ordering from the Italian or Mexican site (I’m easy to entertain). But you can’t do China, I’m not there yet.

And as always, tell me what you think. Comments & reviews are not just welcome but eagerly sought.

purchase Fit to Curve

purchase Heart Attack

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Ballet in the park.


      Lovely luck: the weather was mild and still and dry. The dancers pulled themselves and each other through stillness, reaching, leaping, turning, solo and unison and cannon and corps. Living musicians played to a live crowd, children mirrored the dancers, back and forth, through the audience. An hour-and-a-half outside of time.



      At that time, 7:30 pm on the 4th and fifth of October, 2013, in that place, the Roger McGuire stage in the Pack Place Park, in Downtown Asheville, North Carolina, seven lovely dances blessed the evening.



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